Hand Carved Wooden Decoys
By Contemporary Artist Kevin Thor Williams
Meet The Master Decoy Artist
Kevin Thor Williams.

Mr. Williams is a nationally renowned award winning decoy carver. He has been carving for many years the much coveted and sought after
Chesapeake Bay working style decoy.

Mr. Williams is one of a few nationally known carvers still using the centuries old technique world famous master carvers have handed
down from generation to generation.

Decoys hand signed with the distinctive "KTW" logo by Mr. Williams are expertly hand crafted from high quality imported Jelutong wood.

In the true technique of master carvers, no power tools, burning knives or sandpaper are ever used. Each decoy is carefully carved and hollowed
using only a drawknife, spokeshave and hand made carving knives also made by Mr. Williams.

The decoys are then meticulously hand painted by Mr. Williams with the finest oil paints available for long wear and exquisite beauty to mirror
natures own unique color schemes.

As a proud owner of one or more truly unique and highly prized "KTW" decoys you will enjoy generations of immense pleasure and exceptional

Also of interest, Mr. Williams is a veteran of San Diego, California's music scene. Kevin Thor Williams (KTW) has played with most of San Diego's
blues bands. He currently plays rhythm guitar, drums and vocals with Hello Trouble - a vintage country band inspired by Buck Owens, Pasty
Cline, Hank Williams and Maddox Bros. and Rose. Visit Hello Trouble's website at HelloTrouble.com

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