Hand Carved Wooden Decoys
By Contemporary Artist Kevin Thor Williams
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"Common Tern"

The Common Tern, one of about 50 species of Terns worldwide, grows to 16 inches and has a redish-orange bill with a black tip. Common Terns narrowly escaped extinction in the late 19th century, when its feathers were sought by plume hunters and used to adorn ladies hats and dresses. The widespread killing of Common Terns, as well as Herons and other waterbirds during the late 19th century, spurred the creation of the Audubon Society. A graceful, black-and-white waterbird, the Common Tern is now the most widespread tern in North America. It can often be seen plunging from the air into water to catch small fish along rivers, lakes, and oceans, or sitting in groups on beaches. This life sized Common Tern is a confidence decoy hand carved and painted by Mr. Williams as one piece with a removable bill in a traditional Eastern Shore Gunning Style. purchase $225

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