Hand Carved Wooden Decoys
By Contemporary Artist Kevin Thor Williams
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"Black Swan"

There are no black swans in the Northern Hemisphere, so whiteness was assumed to be an essential quality of swanness. When a Dutch explorer spotted a black one on an expedition to Australia in 1697, that concept had to be restated. The Black Swan is commonly found in the wetlands of southern Australia. Unfortunately, human inhabitance have decreased the population of the swan. The current worldwide population of the Black Swan is approximately around 500,000 individuals. The Black Swan has all black plumage, except for the red bill, gloomy grey legs and white tips of the wing feathers. The neck is long and curved within an "S". On its red bill, there is a white block near the tip. This rare piece is large and dramatic and is perfect for large area decor around living spaces and entry ways. This dramatic life-like Black Swan was hand carved and painted by Mr. Williams in a traditional Eastern Shore Gunning Style. purchase $2,400

Hand Carved Black Swan
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