Hand Carved Wooden Decoys
By Contemporary Artist Kevin Thor Williams
Bill Heart Commemorative Sale
Special Commemorative Sale - Bill Heart Decoy Collection - Collectible Decoys For Sale By: Jimmie Vizier
Reggie Birch, ''Hurricane'' Pete Peterson, Jim Van Brunt, Bill Gibian, Lynn Newton and Kevin Thor Williams.

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Dear Friends and Loved Ones of Duck Decoys by Thor ...

Over my 28+ years of professional carving, I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful and very talented people.

One of those people was a very kind man named Bill Heart.

Long story short, in 1986 after finishing my stint in the US Coast Guard, I left Chincoteague, VA where I learned to carve from Reggie Birch.

I moved to California and started my life as a full time carver.

After traveling across country, my car and small trailer broke down in front of an antique shop.

The owner of the store, Bill Heart, came out and asked if he could help.

I said, "if you buy a bird that would help!", so he asked to see what I had.

He bought 30 birds on the spot.

That was the beginning of a 15 year relationship with a man who was like a father to me.

As the years passed, Bill and his wife Lovie would meet me at different shows on the east coast where I was selling my birds.

During this time, we had the opportunity to meet some great carvers and Bill bought a very nice collection of birds.

Bill passed away a few years ago.

His wife Lovie called me and said it was time to sell off the collection of birds.

As sad as this may sound, it is a great opportunity to get some great carvings from a few different world renowned carvers and some decoys I
carved over 20 years ago.

The collection of birds are made by Reggie Birch, ''Hurricane'' Pete Peterson Jimmie Vizier, Jim Van Brunt, Bill Gibian and one Canvasback by Lynn

This is truly a unique opportunity for passionate and even casual collectors! Don't be the one who reads this and doesn't act in time ... you'll be

If interested, please inquire and take advantage of this very "Special Sale."

I apologize in advance that when you contact me regarding these rare and spectacular pieces, most if not all will already be sold.

On behalf of Bill Heart and his family, our beloved friends, me and my family would like to thank all of you for your continued interest and

Thank you again, Kevin Thor Williams

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